Elien Kellens

3D Character Animator

Believable performance is a must

I have a true passion for expressing emotions through animation.

My strength is my speed and a good eye for detail.

Currently working on...


I am currently working on Ploey.

Ploey is a 3D animated feature film co-produced by Cyborn (Belgium) & Gunhil (Iceland).

Expected release date end 2017.

Previous projects I worked on...


  • Son Of Bigfoot (2017)
  • Shortfilm Nimmer (2016)
  • Robinson Crusoe (2016)
  • Cafard (2015)
  • Shortfilm Voltaire (2014)

My own stuff...


Currently working on a musical short..


In 2015 I followed the Intermediate workshop from Animsquad.

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